Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon


Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon

Junaid Iqbal Mohamed Memon established Memon Property Developers in London. Always known for keeping an eye out for profitable investment ventures in property development, our company recognises the crucial role it plays in bridging the gap between the needs of our investors and construction ability. Our company mainly caters to project value by focusing on functionality, design, cost, as well as location. Part of our goal is to make sure that international trends are absorbed in every project that we undertake. We are also committed towards ensuring that customer expectations are always analysed while delivering realty products that are high quality.

As a property developer, we recognize the important aspect that we hold in the realty sector. We are, after all, expected to fulfil the need for proper infrastructure in our bid to diversify our business activities in both real estate investment and property development.

Our responsibilities

Our extensive experience in the field of property development means that we are well aware of the market condition- something that is very crucial to make it in this highly competitive sector. Our strong connections with the local governments ensure that we can get help in accomplishing our projects in a timely manner.

We value the relationship that we have established with the network of experts composed of people that play critical roles in the completion of each of our undertaking. Our interactions with top industry architects, landscapers, contractors, and real estate agents ensure that we have the right people with the necessary experience and expertise to see through our projects from commencement to completion. Our commitment to hand-picking the members of our team ensures that demands are met every time.

Flexibility is something that we take pride at Memon Property Developers. While we are based mainly in London, we own and manage properties that are also set in Dubai and the UAE. Our ability to extend our services and expertise in areas outside the UK means that we are easily able to meet specific client and investor demands and needs outside the country.

What working with us means

  • Every project has clear title deeds and we make it a point to get all the regulatory, legal, and statutory papers and clearances processed
  • Very site is checked and confirmed to determine if it may have legal dues
  • Our investors are repaid with money along with interest in the event that projects are delayed or stopped
  • Properties that we develop will always be offered at fair prices and we target marginal profit, never beyond.
  • Emphasis is placed on proper planning to help address raw material shortage and other related issues
  • Project delays are minimised if not totally avoided
  • Every project is tackled with the aim of providing nothing short of the best quality service and construction
  • We keep your informed at all times on the progress of the project.
  • We safeguard your interest

At Memon Property Developers, we are always on the lookout for new profitable ventures. Contact Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon to get expert advice. More information about Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon and the latest property development news can be found here.